Uniting Nations through Translation in the 2023 UEFA Champions League Final

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What could be more exciting than a football game between two outstanding teams? Many people around the world are gearing up for the UEFA Champions League 2023. Manchester City defeated the 14-time UEFA final Champions League 2023 winner, Real Madrid, while Inter Milan won against AC Milan, a 7-time winner. Both winning teams are set to face off at the UEFA Champion’s League Final in Istanbul! And what a game this will be! 

The game is set for  Saturday, June 10th, 2023, only a few days away! The excitement is growing as a global audience prepares to watch the game of the year between two titan teams on the football field. 

Global Audience

While many people believe this the final Champions League is an event for the two teams playing, the truth is that the game attracts a worldwide audience. With the rise in global interest, there’s a great need for content about the game in a variety of languages. 

It’s expected that over 380 million people from over 200 countries will watch the game on TV or online. So, there’s a significant urgency for content for football fans. And this is precisely where professional translation services, such as those offered by Pollion, come into play. 

Broadcasting and Commentary

Broadcasting and Commentary

Translators and interpreters work behind the scenes in broadcasting and commentary on the match. They work hard and fast to provide live translations for commentators in various languages. These flash translations are necessary for the global audience of the final Champions League. 

Viewers want to hear what’s going on in the game and appreciate the insights from news broadcasters and commentators. The broadcasters and commentators add valuable information as team fans watch the game worldwide. 

Translators work fast to keep the flow of events going for their viewers. There are no language barriers, and everyone understands what’s happening between the teams. No matter what part of the world they’re in, viewers can stay on top of the game’s details and enjoy every minute of the game. Professional translators make all of this happen. 

Press Conferences and Interviews

Viewers have strong emotions about the teams they support; they depend on the translators working feverishly in the background to provide live translations of interviews and press conferences. Who wouldn’t want to hear their favourite player’s perspective of the game? 

But this is only possible with interpreters. Who would be able to understand Kevin de Bruyne and CM Nicolò as they discuss playing against one another? Team fans want to hear what their favorite players have to say! When fans who watch the game can’t understand the commentary, they lose part of the experience. This is why translators are essential to sports such as football. 

Translators work on breaking news, interviews with athletes and coaches, expert opinions, and much more. 

There’s no escaping that the final Champions League is a football match viewed around the world. also millions of football fans will be locked in front of their TVs and mobile devices, watching the game in real-time. They’ll rely on translators to get interviews and broadcasters’ comments to them in the flash of a second! 

Website and Social Media

Not only will fans be watching the final Champions League on TV, but viewers will also monitor updates on websites and social media. Team fans from around the world search for essential news, updates, and other important information about the match on the UEFA website and across various social media platforms. 

Social media allows live streaming events like the final Champions League game in Istanbul. Specific social media channels are also seen as sources of factual information, statistics, and more. These channels have become 

More content is now sent across social media platforms than ever before, as fans are hungry for information: 

  • 51% of fans get sports content on Facebook
  • 46% of fans watch sports content on YouTube
  • 31% watch Instagram
  • 25% of fans watch for updates on Twitter

Each day, sports events are monitored across social media channels. Translators work to provide simultaneous translations for fans across many languages. With the work of translators and others, social media has become the go-to method for fans who want to follow their favorite teams.  

Fan Engagement

Making content accessible across multiple languages is an effective method to increase fan engagement. Whether engaging fans on social media, TV, or other platforms, the key is to use translation services to help fans participate in conversations, online discussions, fan events, and more. 

Fan engagement is usually measured in tweets and shares, the number of people in the stadium, or the number of TV viewers. However, fan engagement also involves team interactions, volunteering to help the club, and more. When sports events, such as the final Champions League, are translated, fans feel they’re emotionally connected to their favorite teams. Why is this beneficial? 

Fan engagement can translate into fans attending games, purchasing season tickets, buying t-shirts and team memorabilia, and more. When translators help fans interact with the team, other online friends, etc., they build fan support networks. Keeping the fans interested in their favorite teams through translation work is one of the keys to fan engagement. 

In-stadium Announcements

Did you know that translators are also needed in the stadium? These individuals work to ensure that everyone in the stadium understands the safety and guidance messages that are given out during the game. Professional translators, such as Pollion, offer their services to ensure language barriers don’t disrupt the safe operation of events, such as the final Champions League. 

Translators may even work with event officials to translate safety signs and guidelines for the event. They also work to ensure that all fans at the stadium can understand event programs, activity schedules, and descriptive texts, and so much more. 

There’s no question that translators are essential for all in-stadium announcements and other content provided by the stadium and event organizers. 


The finals Champions League is a major sports event that’s coming up in Istanbul! Excitement is building to see which team wins! Along with fans at the stadium, millions of people around the world, across over 200 countries, will be tuned into the game. 

As we all sit down to enjoy all aspects of the game, translators will work behind the scenes. They are the unspoken heroes who diligently work to ensure everyone understands the game, broadcasters, and so much more. 

What would the final Champions League game be without translators? It would be dull without the work of translators! Translators bring the game to life for fans across the globe. They bridge the linguistic and cultural gaps so everyone can enjoy the game, regardless of their language. 

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