Local wherever you go!

Pollion offers a comprehensive portfolio of top-quality content & marketing services removing language and cultural barriers in the way to a global market.


Who We Are

We provide content and marketing services to International Brands across various industries. We support corporations with creative solutions for Multilingual Content, Business Advisory and Media Excellence.


Document Translation

Our translators are experienced in a wide range of industries. Pollion provides a smooth and, accurate translation process that utilizes your industry’s language. You’ll receive the accuracy you need and the localization your audience requires—all with fast turnarounds and highly competitive rates.


Do you have a global e-learning resource? Then you’ve come to the right place. Pollion localizes the text, images, dates, currencies, etc. We can work with everything from apps, website content or PDFs. You can expect high-quality translation and customer service.

Multimedia Localization

Multimedia material is increasingly reaching a global audience. If you’d like to reach a specific audience, Pollion can help. We offer dubbing, voiceover and video localization services. You can rest assured your video will deliver your message geared to the targeted audience in their native language.

Website Localization

Whether you own an e-commerce site, a corporate blog, or branded site, we’re here to help you reach a global audience. We’ll ensure your site makes it easy for potential customers and visitors to have easy access in their own language, shaped to meet their culture-specific requirements.

Desktop Publishing

Using your original layout, we work with you to create a localized version that has the look and “feel” of the target language. Our DTP tools, Post-DTP visual checks and skilled DTP specialists deliver quality DTP services in any format you require.

Marketing Localization

Pollion can help your marketing materials reach your target audience. Our native-speaking translators work to provide high-quality translations, ensuring the text is properly localized for the target market. You can count on your marketing material being correct and giving the best impression in the target language.

Our Global Clients