Precision in Meaning: Specialized Translation for Industry

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Specialized translations have become a vital necessity for several economic sectors. They are necessary to produce operation manuals, give instructions to clients, or even finalize a business deal among companies. As technological advances bring persons closer together, a related requirement is that the texts we use jointly become available in English, the global language of business. In this context, difficulties arise when the specialized terminology used in a specific industry has to be transmitted into another language. This is why translation services have become so necessary in recent years.

Key Industries Requiring Specialized Translation


Automotive, Specialized Translation

The average car has over 30,000 parts, each with its name in every language. It is critical that automakers in global markets can find, order, and install exactly what they need with minimal interference by language.
Automotive expert translations could involve technical design documents and schematics, user guides and manuals, and specialized parts and machine catalogues. For this reason, they require a translator with industry-relevant technical expertise supported by a detailed database of terminologies and part names.

Banking & Finance

With roughly 1.1 billion credit card transactions occurring daily, the ability to move fast is crucial to success in the financial industry. Bankers and financial experts work with clients from all over the globe and must ensure that everyone fully understands the terms and conditions before agreeing to a transaction. The types of translation typically needed by this industry are contracts, reports, and customer product materials that need to be translated precisely and produced to the highest quality. In this industry, translators, project managers, and designers need to work with maximum speed and efficiency to produce content rapidly. Being able to cut down on back-and-forth communication by working within a single language management system is a huge benefit.


The energy market is a huge growth area with an expectation of reaching a global value of nearly $2 billion by 2030. Utility companies provide a vital service in every country in the world and across multiple borders. Energy companies need to make key assessment reports, audits, and technical documentation available for clients, as well as provide websites to service their multilingual customers around the globe. The energy industry is best supported by a language service provider who can help keep their website copy updated with minimal interference and downtime.

In legal documentation, there is no room for error. Translators need to be experts in the field and achieve certifications even to be able to work on certain documentation. Sworn translators can produce legal documents in multiple languages that they can sign and seal themselves. People and businesses often need official documentation like birth certificates to be translated when they move to another country. Only a sworn translator can provide this service. Other specialized translations may include providing interpretation services in court or at a legal hearing. Or a legal transcription of an official meeting. The legal industry needs trusted translation experts who can provide exact and accurate transcriptions quickly and sometimes in a live setting.

Life Sciences & Healthcare

In the early 2020s, the rapid globalization of healthcare underscored the necessity for seamless information exchange across borders. Consequently, the life sciences and healthcare industry witnessed a substantial increase in demand for translation services over the past two years.
Language barriers pose a significant risk to delivering optimal healthcare at the point of entry. Moreover, within scientific research, language can obstruct access to medical documentation and studies, impeding innovation. For companies within the realms of the life sciences and healthcare, accuracy is essential. Inserts and labels, safety reports, and patient information letters all need to be translated so they are clear and easy to understand. Experts with experience in medical translations and well-maintained termbases of technical terms are essential for success.

Manufacturing & Marketing

Manufacturing firms rely on language services for diverse translations, from technical documents to marketing materials. With global challenges like inflation and shipping costs, cost-effective and speedy translations are crucial. Mistranslations in marketing can have significant consequences, making precise localization essential for global success.

Language software enabling collaborative work on content in real-time can significantly reduce the time needed for publication. Furthermore, integration tools that directly incorporate translation into existing systems, such as a CMS, can give marketers a competitive edge.

Retail & eCommerce

Retail & eCommerce

Retail and eCommerce designs need to look good. If they don’t look good, they are not going to sell. One of the difficulties in translation is that different languages require different amounts of space on a page or a screen. Retailers need translations: packaging, labels, and sales materials. All of which need to look good across all languages. If a product name or description doesn’t fit in a language variant, translators need to work with designers to make it work. Keeping communications between translators and design experts as easy and minimal as possible is key to success in this industry. Translation software that supports this process and allows collaboration to be seamless is an enormous benefit.


The technology and translation industries are intrinsically linked through the world of machine translation, but they also have other similarities. For example, both strive to make the world easier to understand and navigate. In the technology industry, you need to ensure that applications and software are seamlessly translated across languages, both for the written word and audio. Many of us will have encountered an app that has seemed unusable due to a mislabelled button or a confusingly translated user interface. Additionally, linguistic experts work side by side with technologists to continue pushing the boundaries of what AI can do in translation. Helping to build better algorithms and termbases that help improve all our lives.

Travel & Tourism

No other entry on this list has such a close personal relationship with language as the travel industry. Travel and tourism are built on relationships with people from all over the world, and their businesses can only succeed if they are understood in the new markets they move into. Specialized translations in tourism could come in the form of instant website translations or AI chatbots that help customers in times of need. Travel experts need their information to be updated quickly and accurately and with expert localization knowledge. They benefit from using translators who thoroughly understand a language and its culture and can help readers experience this through their translations.


Specialized translation is vital for businesses expanding globally. Working with qualified translators in each industry is essential to ensuring cultural appropriateness and precision as the key priority. As technology continues to advance, the needs of various sectors will evolve. By partnering with experienced translation services focused on quality and expertise, companies can effectively reach new markets and customers. Investing in high-quality specialized translation delivers value across industries.

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