Pashto in Business: A Growing Necessity

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Do you have a business looking to reach an overseas market? If so, you may want to consider adding the Pashto language to your marketing materials and website. 

Not many businesses realize that Middle Eastern languages are increasing in importance around the world. This part of the world is becoming more important for multinational organizations and industries. 

Companies looking to reach these markets, such as Pashto speakers, need to develop websites, marketing materials, and other content to reach these target markets. For this reason, many organizations are turning to translation organizations, such as Pollion, for their expertise in Pashto and other Middle Eastern languages. 

In this article, we discuss why having a website in Pashto is good for your company. 

Introduction to Pashto Language and Its Speakers

Pashto is an Eastern Iranian language that’s spoken in large areas of Afghanistan, Norwest Pakistan, and other regions around the world. It is also the official language of Afghanistan. 

Pashto’s history is unclear; however, it is thought the language originally developed in the Kandahar district of Afghanistan. Language experts believe the language is about 2,500 years old, and it’s spoken by about 50 million people around the world by people who say Pashto is their native language. The language has several different dialects, two of which are the most common. These are the northern dialect (hard) and the southern dialect (soft). 

The vocabulary of Pashto is unusual in that it does not seem to be “borrowed” or derived from other languages. The Pashto language, however, has been influenced by the Dari language (a modern dialect related to the Persian language). It also contains a wide range of Arabic loanwords and Indian loanwords. Many international words such as “car,” “radio,” and “computer” have come into the language from Indian English. 

Pashto is written in the Arabic Naskh script, and it has 46 letters. The language is famous for its amazing literature, including long-form poems and stories. 

Vowels and consonants are essential to most languages, including Pashto. This language has four short vowels that are not usually included in the written language and five long vowels. 

When it comes to consonants, Pashto has some unique features. It contains retroflex phonemes, and the other consonants vary widely across the different dialects. 

Written Pashto is similar to Persian and Arabic. It also has two genders – masculine and feminine – with the gender of many nouns determined by their endings. 

As you can see, Pashto is a vital world language, with over 50 million native speakers worldwide. However, the language can be complex unless you hire a professional translation company like Pollion

The Growing Importance of Pashto Language in the Business World

Language in the Business World

With over 50 million speakers worldwide, the Pashto language has become a valuable new market for global businesses. With such a large, vital market available, multinational organizations increasingly need the assistance of professional translation companies. 

Reach a Wider Audience by Catering to Pashto Speakers

Is your business searching for new global markets? If so, you may want to consider Pashto speakers. It’s necessary to reach out to this target audience through their language, meeting their needs. All content, including website content, must be written and communicated effectively in the Pashto language. Only in this way can your company create successful business connections with this target market. 

The only way to effectively reach out to Pashto speakers is by correctly translating your content. The right translation company can help your business tap into the online Pashto market in the right way. 

Importance of Online Presence and Website Localization in Boosting SEO 

An online presence is one of the most important ways to reach your target audience, whether they are local or on the other side of the world. A company website is one of the most effective ways to create an online presence. A business website lets you connect and engage with your target audience, customers, and more. 

Website localization is essential when your business wants to reach a new market. Website localization is the process of modifying your web content to the user’s location, cultural preferences, language, and more. 

Your business can take this one step further by using SEO localization. SEO localization is a process that uses localized keywords and phrases to boost website traffic and engagement. Again, translation specialists, such as Pollion, have the knowledge and experience needed to ensure your content is properly localized for the Pashto target audience, and they use SEO localization to ensure the target audience finds your business website. 

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The Benefits of a Business Website in the Pashto Language

Your business can delight Pashto speakers by offering content in their native language when you properly translate and localize your website. Potential customers are also able to understand your message. But there are even more benefits that come with a website in the Pashto language, we will go through some of them as below:

1. Increased Trust & Credibility

People feel more comfortable and safer when they can make purchases online in their own language. When the website has been translated and localized correctly, Pashto speakers feel they can trust your company. In addition, they also have a better understanding of the products and services your business offers. 

Pashto speakers will also feel more comfortable with the checkout process when it’s in their own language. 

Ultimately, Pashto speakers will feel that your organization cares for them. That care shows that you have made their user experience more comfortable and easier using their native language. Pashto speakers will feel the company can be trusted and have more confidence to return in the future.

2. Increase Customer Reach

When your website is in Pashto, you’ll be able to reach more customers around the world. Remember, there are over 50 million Pashto speakers around the globe. 

3. Higher Customer Engagement

Along with a high rate of credibility, your company website will also experience higher customer engagement. When a translation company, such as Pollion, has properly localized the content on your site, customers can easily find what they need. They can also return to make future purchases. In addition, Pashto speakers may also recommend your business to new users, increasing your overall customer base and revenues. 

All of these benefits come down to creating a website that’s translated and localized for Pashto-speaking customers. A translation company can accomplish this through language and cultural sensitivity. 

How to Get Started with Website Localization for Pashto-Speaker Audience

Website Localization

The best way to get started with website localization for Pashto speakers is to reach out to a professional translation company, such as Pollion. Choosing a translation company that regularly works with the Pashto language is essential. They also need to provide localization services. 

The process of website localization usually involves the following steps: 

1. Define Your Target Audience

The first step is to determine your target audience. In the case of Pashto speakers, it’s essential to choose the region and dialect needed to reach a particular Pashto audience. 

2. Hire a Translation Company That Offers Localization Services

Companies, such as Pollion, offer full translation and localization services. They have website designers and developers who have a deep understanding and knowledge of the target market. These individuals need to have regional expertise and knowledge to properly convey your message to your target audience. 

3. Choose a Website Translation Method

Website translation can be done using different methods, including the following: 

  • Human translators (humans do all of the translation work)
  • Machine translation (specialized software is used to translate the material)
  • Machine-aided translation (programs and humans work together)

A highly reputable translation company, such as Pollion, may recommend machine-aided translation for the best results. 

4. Create an SEO Strategy

When it comes to website translation and localization, it’s necessary to have the right SEO strategy in place. This is a process that helps you: 

  • Revising the keywords for the local market/dialect
  • The use of SEO tools that work in the Pashto language
  • Rewriting website content from the source language to the target language
  • And more

These are the main steps of translating and localizing your business website into the Pashto language. While this may seem like a very long, arduous process, hiring the right translation company can make this a painless experience. 

The key is to hire a translation company, such as Pollion. Ensure the translation company you hire has Pashto language experts who also have regional experience and knowledge of the specific Pashto dialect you’re targeting. 


With over 50 million people who say Pashto is their native language, your business will benefit from having a website that’s translated and localized for Pashto speakers.

There are many benefits that go with a website translated and localized for Pashto speakers. The main benefits are your company will become a trusted brand, one that people have confidence in. With this confidence, Pashto speakers will not hesitate to buy from you again or to recommend your products and services to many others! Your customer base grows, as well as your revenues!

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