DeepL Translate: Overcoming Language Barriers Easily

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Businesses around the world struggle with the language barrier. They want to reach new target markets, but language can be a significant obstacle to overcome. Students and individuals also grapple with language in different situations, such as creating websites, working with applications, etc. One solution businesses and individuals can turn to is DeepL Translate. 

DeepL is an online translation service that makes it easy to translate almost any document into any language. Tools such as this are increasingly becoming more relevant in our globalized world. 

This article discusses what DeepL is, its key features, capabilities, and more. 

DeepL Translate Overview

DeepL Translate is an online translation service available on iOS, Android, Mac, and other app platforms. The tool is based on neural machine learning and was launched in 2017 by DeepL SE, a German company. This translation tool uses an AI algorithm to produce highly accurate translations. 

DeepL can translate on almost any device and works on any content. DeepL currently supports 28 languages and 650 translation combinations. And it offers a free trial period of 30 days on its Starter and Advanced plans. For the Ultimate plan, the tool is $57.49 a month per user (billed annually). 

Key Features & Capabilities

Key Features & Capabilities

DeepL Translate offers the following features: 

Customize alternative words or phrases: DeepL saves you time by making it easier to find alternative words or phrases for your translations. Rather than searching for different phrases or words, you click on a word and then choose from the alternative options available. The text surrounding the adjusted words or phrases is automatically updated to fit the customized alternative options. 

Unlimited text translations: DeepL Pro allows unlimited characters, so you can translate as much content as needed. 

Translate entire documents: DeepL Translate also makes it easier to translate your whole document with one click. All the original formatting is maintained, and you can edit the translated text as needed. The tool handles files up to 20MB and can translate file formats such as text and HTML. 

Setting the tone: the translation tool also makes it easy to choose between a formal and informal tone for your translation. Simply choose your desired tone, and the entire document is automatically updated to fit the tone. This feature is available in French, German, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. 

Create your own glossary: DeepL also makes it easy to create your own glossary by setting the rules. Each DeepL Pro plan allows you to create unlimited glossary entries and upload your glossary. This feature is available with the following pairs: English-Dutch, English-French, and English-Spanish. 

DeepL Translate also offers a built-in dictionary that allows you to search for words in both the translation and the source text. This feature allows you to add more context to the translation. It provides examples and possible synonyms directly within your translation. 

You’ll be happy to learn that DeepL integrates with CAT tools, making this an all-in-one solution for your professional translation business. 

DeepL Translate vs. DeepL Pro

DeepL Translate vs. DeepL Pro

Here, we discuss the differences between DeepL free and DeepL Pro so that you can choose the right version of the tool for your individual or business use. 

User Access: 

DeepL Translate is the free version of DeepL and is available to anyone. The translation tool can be accessed without a subscription or payment. 

On the other hand, DeepL Pro is the paid version of DeepL that offers more features and other benefits. Users must pay for a subscription or choose a paid Pro Plan to gain access to the translation tool’s advanced functions. 

Translation Limit: 

DeepL Translate, the free version, has some limitations for users, such as a restricted number of characters or translations during a given period. 

DeepL Pro, on the other hand, offers high translation limits without any restrictions. 

Translation Speed: 

DeepL Translate does provide fast translations; however, the speed is not fast enough for high volume or the needs of a professional translation agency. 

DeepL Pro is significantly faster and more suitable for professional translation work. 

Advanced Translation Features

DeepL Translate offers high-quality translation; however, it does lack some of the advanced features found in DeepL Pro. 

DeepL Pro allows for integrated translation services with a company’s applications, websites, or CAT tools using the DeepL API. This capability gives a more seamless, automated translation workflow. 

Privacy & Security: 

With DeepL, the free version of DeepL, user data may be subject to some data usage policies, and translations may be stored for optimization purposes. 

On the other hand, DeepL Pro provides more enhanced data privacy and security features. Depending on their subscription, users may need to have the option to keep their data from being stored. This may be an issue for companies that need to meet strict data protection regulations. 

The Pros & Cons of DeepL Translate

As with other translation tools, DeepL Translate comes with some pros and cons, which we’ll review in this section. 

Pros of DeepL Translate

Free version available: DeepL offers a free version of their tool that anyone can use. However, to take advantage of the tool’s advanced features, it’s necessary to choose their subscription-based versions. 

Makes improvements based on user experience: DeepL is based on machine learning technology, and the company accepts user feedback and review ratings to improve the quality of its translation tools. 

Handles complex translations: DeepL Translate AI is trained on millions of texts. The result is that the translation tool’s neural network can understand the nuanced, complex text and translate it with high accuracy. 

Various formats to choose from: DeepL can handle the following formats: Word, PowerPoint, PDF, HTML, and XLIFF. 

Cons of DeepL Translate:

Privacy issues: when you use the free version of DeepL, the company stores your texts for a certain time, using the text to improve and update their tool’s algorithms. On the other hand, the paid versions of this tool guarantee not to store your text. Even so, sensitive data is still processed by their servers. 

Limited number of languages: DeepL offers 29 languages and over 800 potential language pairs. Other tools, such as Google Translate, offer over 100 languages. 

Google Translate vs. DeepL Translate

Google Translate vs. DeepL Translate

Like DeepL-Translate, Google-Translate is another translation tool based on neural machine technology. The tool is available as a website platform or mobile app, both of which are available around the world. Google Translation was launched in 2006. But what’s the difference between Google Translate and DeepL Translate? 

Pricing & Support

For one thing, both translation tools can be used for free. DeepL Translate offers a paid version called DeepL Pro, while Google Translate doesn’t offer a paid version. 

What about support for these translation tools? DeepL offers a support centre with articles that cover different topics users may read to learn how to use the tool correctly. The premium version of this translation tool, DeepL Pro, also allows users to submit support requests. 

Google Translate offers a help centre for its users, with information on how to get started and how to translate different media, and more. Users can find help by posting their questions to a user community. 

Number of Supported Languages

Google Translate stands out over DeepL in its number of supported languages. This translation tool offers over 100 languages, while DeepL currently supports 29 languages. 


Both DeepL Translate and Google Translate offer web interfaces that are easy to use. Google Translate also allows you to translate websites by entering their URL into the tool. However, DeepL doesn’t offer this feature. 

In addition, Google Translate and DeepL have API services allowing you to connect your site to either platform. These are great options for developers. 

Supported Platforms

Google Translate is available on almost all platforms. Mac and Windows operating systems can use the translation tool’s online version. The app is also available on Android or iOS, making it available across various devices. 

DeepL Translate is compatible with Mac and Windows; it also offers a web-based interface and a desktop app. In addition, the tool provides both iOS and Android apps. 

One of the significant differences between Google Translate and DeepL Translate is that DeepL offers a desktop version, while Google Translate doesn’t. 

Translation Accuracy

When it comes to translation accuracy, DeepL shines over Google Translate. Studies have shown that DeepL is more accurate than Google Translate and other translation tools. 

Tips for Using DeepL Translate

Tips for Using DeepL Translate

Here, you’ll find some actionable tips to get the most out of DeepL Translate. 

How to Effectively Use the Tool for Different Types of Texts

To use the web interface of DeepL, all you need to do is upload a Word doc (.docx), a PowerPoint (.pptx) file, or a PDF (.pdf). All parts of the document will be translated into the language you choose. And you won’t need to worry about formatting, as all of the original formatting is preserved during the translation process. 

Remember that if you choose the free version of DeepL Translate, the text will not be editable. If you need the ability to edit the translated text, use DeepL Pro, the paid version of this tool. 

The good news is that your translation will be completed and ready in seconds.

How to Ensure Privacy

The best way to ensure your privacy using DeepL Translate is to use the paid version of this tool, DeepL Pro. The free version stores data to train the AI translation tool. In contrast, DeepL Pro guarantees that all data of their pro subscribers is encrypted and not saved to train this version of the translation tool. Any document files you upload with DeepL Pro are encrypted and saved temporarily only to do the translation. 

Moreover, subscriber glossary entries are saved in persistent storage for cross-platform use. The free users’ glossaries are stored in the browser’s local storage. 

For these reasons, if you need to ensure the privacy of your data, it’s highly recommended that you use the subscription version of DeepL for sensitive translations. 

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DeepL Translate’s free and paid tools are highly beneficial and valuable for individuals and businesses. The tool supports a wide variety of language pairs and document formats. Moreover, both tool versions are easy to use and available across a broad range of devices and OS. 

DeepL Translate is highly recommended for individuals and companies needing highly accurate, cost-effective translation services. 

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